Summer Workshops with Francesca La Chica & Andrej Vujicic from Seville, Spain

January 17th to 20th at the Arte Flamenco Studio in Woombye

Thursday (17th) & Friday (18th)

Dance Level 2 - Tientos con Manton (3hrs)        5:30 - 7:00pm

Dance Level 3 - Bamberas (3hrs)                         7:30 - 9:00pm

**(2 sessions - 1.5 hrs each over two nights)

Saturday (19th) & Sunday (20th)

Percussion Cajon Level 1 - Jaleos (2hrs)        10:00 - 11:00am

Dance Level 1 - Jaleos (3hrs)                            11:00 - 12:30pm

Palmas and Compas - Jaleos (3hrs)                 12:30 -  2:00pm

Dance Level 2 - Jaleos (3hrs)                                2:00 - 3:30pm

Percussion Cajon Level 2 - Jaleos (3hrs)             3:30 - 5:00pm

3hr Workshop $90,  2hr Workshop $60


Multiple Workshop Discounts......

2 x 3hr workshops - $170

3 x 3hr workshops - $240

4 x 3hr Workshops - $295

Unlimited Workshops - $340*

(Note: if including the 2hr workshop less $30.

*No further discount off unlimited)

Prior booking & payment through Arte Flamenco please.

Cajon and Manton available for hire - $5 per session but bookings necessary. 

For enrolments email Yioda to check workshop suitability and  bank details.  


Flamenco Production


Don’t miss the power and passion of flamenco up close and personal in this exciting new show coming to the Lind Lane Theatre in Nambour on Saturday the 8th of December as Arte Flamenco present their latest production called “Pasión y Arte”.  


Be captivated by the raw emotion in this traditional flamenco show as they take you on an incredible journey to the south of Spain.  This show features the superb talents of flamenco guitarist Antonio Miguel and world percussionist Jalberto Maldonado, alongside special guest artists Katia Ruiz and Rafael Sekzenian.  It also features the Arte Flamenco group dancers in an electrifying performance full of musical energy and gypsy flair.  A strong and passionate ensemble, audiences will experience the deep heartfelt nature of pure flamenco. 

With their deep passion for this exuberant art form, the Arte Flamenco ensemble will take you on a journey of passionate emotions not soon forgotten, filling the intimate theatre space with inspiring music, enticing rhythms and intoxicating energy.


Show times: 2pm & 7pm (2hr duration). Tickets $30 with concession available.  For more information go to or email Yioda at

Ocean St World Festival 2018

Join us at the Annual Ocean St World Festival in Maroochydore on Sunday 1st of April!


This festival is a feast for the senses where cultures from around the world bring the young, old, inquisitive and adventurous together to celebrate diversity. 


Artists bring their unique talents across four stages with acts from Japan to Bolivia, Budapest to Jamaica, Salsa dancing and Bollywood workshops, choirs, djembe workshops and much more. This is a one-day opportunity to travel the world.


Arte Flamenco will be part of the line up this year showcasing Flamenco.  We will be performing and there will be a free Flamenco workshop later on in the day.  So come on down and check it out. It's an amazing Free Event great for all the family.

Flamenco  Summer Workshops with

Francesca 'La Chica' & Andrej Vujicic

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