At Arte Flamenco our dance classes are a fun and friendly way to experience the power of flamenco up close and personal.  Classes are designed to motivate, develop and inspire each student. They are a great way to get in shape and meet new friends.  You don’t need to be a trained dancer, streamlined or even young.  Our classes are suitable for all ages and levels, from beginners to advanced, women, men and children.  


Beyond the beauty, passion and energy of Flamenco, there is a very positive impact on your physical and emotional health.  Flamenco can improve your cardio vascular system, your posture and your circulation.  It also improves your mental agility, upper & lower body strength, increases your core stability and helps beat osteoporosis.  Another wonderful benefit of Flamenco is that is boosts your self esteem and confidence.  


Monday Classes

3:30-4:00      Children (under 8 yrs) -  Rumba

4:00-5:00      Intermediate 1- Solea

5:00-5:30      Castanets Open Level - Sevillanas

5:30-6:30      Intermediate 1 - Farruca with Cane

6:30-7:30      Intermediate 2 - Tangos 

7:30-8:30      Advanced 1 - Tanguillos de Cadiz with Fan

8:30-9:30      Advanced 2 - Bata de Cola - Tarantos

(all Monday classes taught by Yioda Wilson)


A highlight of Monday classes is the inclusion of live music by guitarist  Antonio Miguel.


Thursday Classes

4:30-5:30       Intermediate - Bata de Cola - Cantinas

5:30-6:30       Beginner 1-  Colombianas

6:30-7:30       Intermediate 2 - Tangos de Malaga

7:30-8:30       Advanced Castanets - Fandangos de Huelva

8:30-9:30       Advanced 2 - Alboreas

Class Fees

Class fees per week: 

(payable by the term) 

$20   1 hour           

$25    1 1/2 hours          

$30    2 hours   

$35    2 1/2 hours   

$40     3 hours  

$45     4+ hours - Unlimited         

$10    Kids  (U8)

***New students may pay by the week to try a few classes  before committing to a full term    

Term Dates 2022


Term 1 - (8 weeks)  

7th of February to 1st of April


Term 2 - (9 weeks)  

25th of April to 25th of June

Term 3 - (10 weeks)  

11th of July to 16th of September

Term 4 - (9 weeks) 

17th of October to 16th of December    


*Please Note - Dates are a guide only & subject to minor change